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A healthy smile is not only an important part of your confidence, but it is also vital to your health. In order to achieve proper oral hygiene, it is essential to establish an oral hygiene routine. Below is what your morning dental routine should consist of. If you are due for a dental check-up , contact our cosmetic dentist in Port St Lucie.

Cosmetic Dentist in Port St Lucie that can help me with my dental routine

Morning Dental Routine

Morning routines can often be hectic, with morning traffic, and busy schedules, sometimes yourself care routine falls through the cracks. But, make sure you don’t let your oral hygiene routine fall short just because of a busy morning.

Brush Your Teeth:

Brush your teeth as soon as you wake up. Choose a toothbrush with a smaller head (for plaque removal) and make sure to be using a toothpaste with fluoride. Ideally, you should brush your teeth for two minutes , while making contact with every tooth.


Make sure to floss after brushing. Use a careful motion between each tooth. Avoid contact with gums to avoid injury.


A thorough rinse with mouthwash is the final step in your morning routine. Follow the directions on the back of your mouthwash to properly rinse your mouth.

Cosmetic Dentist in Port St Lucie

Your morning dental routine is a vital part of your oral hygiene, so is regular visits to the dentist. So, when was the last time you’ve visited the dentist? If it’s been more than six months, it’s time to schedule an appointment! Get treated by the best dentist in Port St Lucie by contacting All Smiles Dentistry today!

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