Porcelain Crowns & Bridges

The procedures for making and fitting a crown or a bridge are very similar. During the first trip, the tooth or teeth that will be crowned will be reduced, that is, prepared to support the crown structure. This involves removing the 1-2 millimeters of tooth structure. Of course, if the tooth damage is the reason for the crown, that is the part that is removed. The reduction process leaves a thimble shape that will receive the crown or crown ends of the bridge.

An impression is made of the reduced teeth and a temporary crown or bridge is put in place to function while the final bridge or crown is being made. The laboratory uses the impression to custom make the final restoration. It is important that the crown or crowns of a bridge fit exactly to avoid decay in the future and provide good function of the artificial teeth. The temporary crown or bridge is removed, the area cleaned, and the final crown or bridge is cemented or bonded into place.