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As different cosmetic trends are becoming popular such as teeth whitening, many people still have concerns about the possible dangers of teeth whitening. Teeth whitening Port St Lucie has many options one can choose from. This includes bleaching trays and gels, whitening toothpaste and mouthwash, whitening strips, and laser whitening. Teeth whitening products and procedures are safe as long as it is done properly and as directed.

How Do Teeth Become Discolored

Teeth may become discolored or stained for a variety of reasons. It could be from coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, and food with dyes. If you want to improve how the color of your teeth looks, you do so by trying teeth whitening products or you can visit your dentist for teeth whitening treatments.

Two Types of Tooth Discoloration

Extrinsic Discoloration – When foods with dyes, tobacco, or drinks such as wine, coffee, or tea stains the teeth. These stains only affect the outside of your teeth. This kind of discoloration can be treated with whitening toothpaste that focuses on stains outside the teeth.

Intrinsic Discoloration – This discoloration takes place from within the tooth. This is due to medications used, tooth trauma, aging, infection, or childhood illness. To reduce this kind of discoloration, the teeth have to be professionally bleached to achieve the desired level of teeth whiteness.

Teeth Whitening Options

Based on the type of staining you have; it would be a lot easier to decide what kind of whitening treatments you need. You may be confused which are safe to use and what method to apply. Whitening methods are classified into three general categories. They are:

  • Dispensed by your dentist for home use
  • Whitening treatment administered by your dentist
  • Obtained over-the-counter without a dental professional’s supervision
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Teeth Whitening Port St Lucie Considerations

While you have certain dental work in progress or active cavities, teeth whitening may not be right for you. It’s very important to discuss teeth whitening Port St Lucie options and methods with your dentist before trying one. For more information about teeth whitening treatment, contact All Smiles Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment with us.

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