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Do you oftentimes wake up in the morning with jaw pain or tightness? Or does your spouse complain about teeth grinding? If yes, then you’re probably suffering from a bruxism condition or sleep apnea Port St Lucie. Bruxism usually involves the contraction of jaw muscles at night. It occurs when an individual grinds their teeth without any food. Most of the time, those who have bruxism or teeth grinding disorder are not aware of what they are doing. Hence, it is important that when you notice this disorder, you need to inform that person to go and consult a dentist.

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Basics of Sleep Bruxism

How is Sleep Apnea Related to Sleep Bruxism?

Several health problems are linked to sleep bruxism. Some of the common problems are teeth misalignment and stress, but a huge risk factor is developing a severe condition called sleep apnea. It occurs when the muscles of your throat are relaxed at night and blocks the airway; thereby, interrupting your breathing. Approximately two in eight people with sleep apnea have sleep bruxism.

Leading Causes

Among the several causes of sleep bruxism, anxiety and stress are the major culprits. Studies show that teeth grinding somehow releases stress. However, it is not a healthy way of relieving stress as it may cause several dental concerns. As mentioned earlier, sleep apnea also causes sleep bruxism. The good side of this leading cause is that once sleep apnea is cured, there is a high possibility that sleep bruxism can also be cured.  Another cause of sleep bruxism is recreational or medicinal drug use. For instance, there are certain types of antidepressants that lead to teeth grinding both whiles asleep and awake. Additionally, other contributory causes are depression disorders and Parkinson’s disease.

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