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Root canal Port St Lucie therapy treats the inside of your tooth. The treatment is essential when the pulp starts to inflame. The infection or inflammation may be due to several causes such as faulty crowns and chipped or cracked teeth. Additionally, tooth trauma may result in pulp damage even if you don’t see any visible cracks or chips. If the infection and inflammation in the pulp remain untreated, it can develop an abscess build-up. Hence, if you’re planning to get a root canal therapy, here are the frequently asked questions regarding this dental treatment.

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What Are the Common Questions About Endodontic Treatments?

Is The Treatment Painful?

Thanks to advanced tools and technologies, root canal treatments are no longer painful. In the past decades, endodontists recognize the countless deal of pain management every patient needs to experience to undergo a root canal treatment. This is exactly the reason why scientists and experts find a way to mitigate the pain through modern aesthetics and techniques. However, you will feel slightly uncomfortable because of the filling. Nonetheless, it can fully relieve you from the pain in just a single visit.

How Long Will The Treatment Take?

As stated earlier cutting-edge tools, technologies, and techniques are now available to perform a root canal treatment with less pain. Apart from this, it also made it possible to conduct and complete the procedure in a single visit. Even if you have to accomplish this treatment with multiple root canals, it will only take at least 2 hours or so.

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What Will Happen If I Don’t Undergo a Root Canal Port St Lucie Treatment?

An inflamed and infected tooth remains as such until it is extracted or undergoes a root canal treatment. If left untreated, the inflammation will affect your other teeth, the infection will spread, and there will be an abscess build-up. Hence, if you don’t want to develop more dental problems, it’s best that you request an appointment with our dentists today.

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