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Several patients choose to remove their teeth when other dental solutions or treatments fail to address the issue. Once your tooth is removed, the blood will clot into the socket and will start the healing process. While most of the extraction sites heal naturally, there are instances when you may experience swelling, lingering discomfort, and other symptoms. To learn more about how you can immediately recover from the effects of tooth extraction Port St Lucie, read through the article.

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What to Expect Once the Extraction is Done

Post-Bleeding May Occur

Once your tooth extraction is done, you may expect post-bleeding at the extraction site. Before leaving the dental clinic, your dentist will inform you to firmly bite down the gauze for an hour to stop the bleeding. If the bleeding persists, just change the gauze and put a new one every 45 minutes.

Oral Hygiene is Essential

Having good oral hygiene is important during the recovery period to avoid inflammation and infection. Simply brush your teeth as you would, but make sure that you watch the extraction site. You can try saltwater to rinse your mouth after a day from surgery. Likewise, your dentist may recommend a special rinse to prevent further inflammation or infection in the site of the tooth extraction. 

Avoid Vigorous Activities

If you experience pain, swelling, or bleeding, it is best that you take a rest for the first 24 hours after your surgery. You need to avoid activities that require pressure and muscle strain for about 4 to 5 days. Although bleeding may stop approximately within 10 hours from the surgery, it is not rare to experience mild bleeding for up to 2 days. 

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Dealing with Swelling After Tooth Extraction Port St Lucie

If a tooth is broken or damaged, your dentist will try restorative procedures to save it. But in cases when it can no longer be repaired, tooth extraction may be needed. Schedule an appointment if you need one.

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