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A full mouth with a beautiful set of teeth can definitely make a positive impression. It’s usually a person’s teeth we notice first than any other aspect of their face. If you are missing more than a few teeth, it’s time to consider dentures. Permanent dentures Port St Lucie is the best way to replace missing rows of teeth.

Benefits of Permanent Dentures

Compared to traditional dentures that are removable, permanent dentures gives the most benefits. As they are fitted directly onto dental implants, they are kept secured to the jaw as if they were natural teeth. They never come out of place too! Some more benefits from permanent dentures are:

• Increased bone quality and quantity: Implants help in restoring and increasing bone developments in your mouth. It secures the permanent dentures in place and strengthens the jaw at the same time.
• Fewer Treatment Needs: Implants are considered to be stronger than natural tooth roots. It has the potential to last a lifetime. This only means that it can support your permanent dentures for years and years.

Why Choose Permanent Dentures Over Traditional Dentures?

Aside from the aforementioned benefits, permanent dentures don’t move around or come off when eating. You can now enjoy your meals just like you would with natural teeth. No need several dental visits for adjustments. Keep in mind to practice good oral hygiene.

Looking for Permanent Dentures Port St Lucie?

Looking for permanent dentures Port St Lucie for a long-term replacement for missing teeth? Contact All Smiles Family Dentistry for more information. Schedule an appointment today by calling us now!

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