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Missing teeth makes us embarrassed to smile or carry on a conversation. Good thing is, there are several dental procedure options that you can choose to solve this problem. Dentures and bridges have their own benefits too in terms of addressing the cosmetic problem of missing teeth. The only drawback about these procedures is that they don’t prevent bone loss. Before deciding if mini implants Port St Lucie is right for you, let us decide its pros and cons.


Mini implants are typically a less invasive procedure. It does not require surgery therefore; the healing process is much faster. As they are much smaller than traditional implants, they can be placed without complex flap surgery. Because of this, there is no need for bone grafts. Most patients have said that these implants are both comfortable and convenient too. They also prevent any facial collapse, as it is fixed in your jawbone like a tooth root.


One thing that might be perceived as a con is that it requires a vertical bone. It cannot be installed in an area of the jaw with inadequate vertical bone. This is not suitable if there has been too much bone loss. Another aspect of mini implants that need to be taken into consideration is if you are a tooth grinder. You might not be suitable to get this procedure if you grind your teeth regularly. Mini implants will wear down prematurely because of constant teeth grinding.

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For more information about mini implants Port St Lucie and if it’s the right procedure for you, contact us today. At All Smiles Family Dentistry, it is our mission to provide you the best dental care you deserve.

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