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Anyone will experience a dental emergency one way or another, despite having regular visits to your dentist or maintaining good dental health. It may happen while you’re eating candy or playing an intense game of football or basketball. Whatever your story may be, your teeth will always need the services of your emergency dentist Fort Pierce. While going to the dentist immediately after a dental emergency is important, there are still ways to further prevent yourself from experiencing these emergencies. An effective way is to determine the common dental emergencies with recommendations on how to handle the situation.

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Common Dental Emergencies

Infected or Painful Teeth

In case you notice that you have signs of dental infection, you need to get professional help from an emergency dentist Fort Pierce. Call him or her right after you have a chance so they can immediately address your condition. No matter what, remember that dental infection is a complicated matter. Thus, trying to treat it by yourself is never a good idea.

Cracked Tooth

Call your emergency dentist Fort Pierce as soon as you cracked or fractured your tooth. If your time or situation won’t allow you to gain access to professional dental care, you can use ice packs to reduce swelling and take pain medications to reduce any discomfort.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If you’re in a game and you suddenly and accidentally knocked out your tooth, it is essential to immediately go to an emergency dentist Fort Pierce so he or she can still reattach it while there is still time. As soon as your tooth falls off, rinse it with milk or water and keep it moist by tucking it inside your cheek. However, see to it that you keep your root intact.

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Get the Services of an Emergency Dentist Fort Pierce

While dental emergencies and accidents are experienced by each one of us, there are still ways to keep your teeth safe. Schedule an appointment today so our dentists can give you the right and proper advice!