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Healthy and Safe Halloween Tips

Once again, we are drawing close to Halloween! Don’t be afraid of the ghosts and ghouls this year! Here are a few Healthy and Safe Halloween Tips for kids (and parents) to consider before, during and after trick or treating.

1. Tell your kids not to eat anything until it has been inspected by you.

2. Fill the kids up with a healthy dinner so they are not tempted to eat all their treats walking from house to house.

3. Inspect all candy for potentially dangerous and harmful objects. Get rid of anything punctured or suspicious looking.

4. Consider eliminating hard candies that may hurt your children’s (or your) teeth.

5. Make sure your kids only take candy that is known and wrapped by the manufacturer.

6. Make sure young kids have a supervisor to make sure they are safe from others.

7. Limit the amount of candy eating in one sitting.

8. Enforce strict brushing and flossing after candy has been eaten. Don’t let the sugary goodness sit on the teeth all day and night.

9. Be careful in the dark. Cars cannot always see you!

10.Most importantly, Have fun and watch out for witches, goblins and scary kids that look like the one in the picture above!

Happy Halloween from –All Smiles Family Dentistry


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