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It’s hard to find the best Fort Pierce Dentist. I spent a lot of time in Fort Pierce as a kid. I remember a friend I used to skateboard with was having some dental issues and his Mom was looking for the best Fort Pierce Dentist. He was having a really hard time finding The Best Fort Pierce Dentist to suit his needs. I think most people in Fort Pierce just tend to think that everything business wise has to be along U.S. 1. So untrue! This was long before I knew anything about All Smiles Family Dentistry and their Indrio Dental Care location at 4846 N. Kings Highway. I remember his struggles with finding the right place. Feeling comfortable with the dentist, staff, etc. Not easy for someone with a mouthful of banged up teeth from years of falling hard on the concrete. It’s not easy for anyone to find a place they feel comfortable with period. I had a similar experience finding a Port Saint Lucie Dentist. Knowing what I know now about the All Smiles Family Dentistry team, I would tell him or anyone to go to their 4846 N. Kings Highway location. I hear that they are in line for some renovations soon as well. Seems the All Smiles Family Dentistry team is always advancing and staying to true to their name. The picture above shows the current staff. Happy and ready to work with you for all your dental needs! Check out their Facebook page, stop by their office and/or give them a call today! I wish I could have told my friend all those years ago. So I had to tell the world here. Keep smiling!

Happy All Smiles Customer

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