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Years ago I had some real problems with my teeth. I was having trouble finding a Port Saint Lucie Dentist. Years of neglect with dentists and their staff not taking the time to show me how to properly brush and floss brought me to a place of extreme discomfort. All of that changed one day when I met a great guy named, Sean Rankin. He was just building his new PSL Dental practice “All Smiles Dentistry” in Port St. Lucie on Prima Vista Blvd. He was nice, funny, bright, etc. He also seemed to be really on top of his field with technology and such. So I figured, let’s check this place out! What did I have to lose, right? I had already went through the ringer of chop shop dental places where it seemed no one really cared. So I made my first appointment. Previous bad dental experiences made me fear the dentist. I was hopeful this would be different. So I walked in and was immediately drawn in on how clean and modern his office was. The staff was All Smiles! (Had to put a pun here. Ha! Sorry.) I filled out my paper work and got right in on my scheduled time. I walk toward the chair. I noticed that the dental procedure area was also the cleanest and most modern room I had ever seen! I was still a bit nervous though. Dr. Rankin could sense my worrisome vibe I guess. Thankfully, he made jokes and got me to relax. Ha-ha and this was just to see what was going on in there. No drilling yet. I was a big wuss! It was nice to know that a PSL Dentist could make me feel at home. I could sense this was going to work. He took a look, got x-rays and really took time to put a plan together that worked for me to get this work done. You could tell his team was all having fun working for him. It was a no brainer! I was coming back to All Smiles Family Dentistry! I had a lot of work done over the years. Cleaning, crowns, etc. I feel crazy saying it but I actually looked forward to going to the dentist. Dr. Rankin and the All Smiles staff make it a personal experience every time! I could stay there and chat with Charles (Dr. Rankin’s Assistant), Deidra (The hygienist) and the front desk all day. It took some time to find the right dentist in Port Saint Lucie but I am glad to have ended up in the hands of the All Smiles Family Dentistry team. I highly recommend you check out their website at https://allsmilesfamilydentist.com to find a convenient All Smiles location for you!

Joseph Beaty “Happy All Smiles Family Dentistry Patient”

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