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Dental implants are becoming popular for decades now as they are considered to be the standard option to replace missing teeth. They are considered to be the next best thing to real teeth because they are designed to look, function, and feel like your natural teeth. Another factor why dental implants in Port St Lucie is the best choice among teeth replacement options is because you no longer have to worry it would slip out of your mouth when speaking or eating since they are attached firmly into your jawbone

Dental Implants for a Lifetime Solution

For partially or wholly edentulous patients, getting dental implants is such a game-changer. Patients as old as 90 are getting implants simply to enjoy the smaller things in life such as their favorite foods. Tooth loss could cause you to change your dietary habits and eat softer foods. This means you just have to quit enjoying foods you used to eat because tooth loss and tooth gaps make chewing difficult. Now with dental implants, you can enjoy your favorite foods back and feel good about yourself. Dental implants also prevent adjacent teeth from shifting and stabilizes the jawbone underneath

Why Dental Implants Instead of Dentures

Dentures don’t replace tooth roots compare to dental implants. Ill-fitting dentures can lead to many oral problems and it has to be replaced every few years and they are susceptible to cracking and breaking. Besides its functionality, dental implants are popular for their longevity. Just keep in mind that oral hygiene is still very important with dental implants. Problems can develop as well if you are not taking good care of your dental implants. Though dental implants do not develop cavities, your gums may experience inflammation or complications on the surrounding soft tissues that could lead to dental implant failure

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Interested in Getting Dental Implants? 

As you head into your later years, tooth loss is bound to happen. Instead of being embarrassed about having missing teeth, opt for a permanent solution by getting dental implants in Port St Lucie at All Smiles Family Dentistry. Contact us for more information

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