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A dental crown Port St Lucie are caps placed and cemented over your tooth. Its purpose is to protect your tooth from any possible decay and breakage. Likewise, crowns restore worn out or severely broken teeth. It also covers and supports your teeth whenever you had your large fillings done. More so, dental crowns cover a tooth treated with root canal, dental implant, or any misshaped tooth. Since crowns are used for various purposes, it likewise has several types such as the commonly-used all-resin dental crowns.

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All You Need to Know About All-Resin Dental Crowns

It’s Less Expensive

All-resin dental crowns are the most affordable when compared to other crown types. Although these crowns are less expensive and are vulnerable to wear and tear, it is still an ideal dental solution so you can get that beautiful smile. This dental crown costs around $325. However, the rate will still depend on the type of teeth you have.  Thus, it is best that you consult the services of your dentist to the exact quote according to your tooth’s condition.

What Is It Made Of?

This type of dental crown is made of silicon dioxide mixture fused with tooth-colored plastic material. The mixture helps restore the look and health of your tooth. Because the all-resin dental crowns do not contain metals, it can easily be combined with a lot of shades that will match your tooth’s natural color.

Aesthetically Appealing

Apart from protecting the remaining part of your teeth from temperature changes, all-resin dental crowns are aesthetically beautiful as they can flawlessly replicate the exact shade of your natural tooth.

who offers the best dental crown port st lucie?

Want to Get an Aesthetically Appealing Dental Crown Port St Lucie?

If you want to get that aesthetically appealing smile for an affordable cost or just want to learn more about the other types of dental crowns, call us or schedule an appointment through our website.

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