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Are you one of the many who are born with imperfect teeth? If yes, then you should probably get clear braces Port St Lucie. Orthodontic treatments offer an enormous difference when it comes to realigning your teeth. Your orthodontist may recommend that you choose which among the best types of braces fit you perfectly. One of the best types of braces is the invisible braces. Read through the post to know how it works.

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Invisible Braces Can Get You That Perfectly Realigned Teeth

Who Are The Candidates?

Teeth straightening is more effective for teenagers since the jaw and teeth are still in its stage of development.  However, it doesn’t mean that adults no longer have a solution to straightening their teeth. Adults can still wear braces but it must be with a wire and bracket system. In like manner, those who have bad or severe misaligned teeth need to undergo the same process. But, they have to get an additional dental procedure like tooth removal.

How It Works

Clear braces work like traditional metal braces. They slowly realign your teeth through the pressure created by the braces. The only difference is that invisible braces are made of clear plastic materials so it won’t be that noticeable as when wearing metal braces.

Length of Treatment

Treatment differs depending on the type and condition of the patient’s teeth. For those who need little or minor corrections, the treatment may last for 3-6 months. For those who have bad or severe misaligned teeth, it may take at least 1 year to make the correction.

who offers clear braces port st lucie?

How Much Do Clear Braces Port St Lucie Cost?

The cost of your clear braces may depend on several factors such as the location of the dental office, the experience of your dentist, and the duration and type of treatment. If you’re near Port St Lucie, get in touch with All Smiles Dentistry. You can call us for more information or you can schedule an appointment so we can begin the restorative work as soon as possible.

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