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Dentists see countless patients each year due to broken or cracked teeth because they chew on the wrong food or hard objects. Some of the regular foods we eat every day could be awful for our gums and teeth. The best dentist Port St Lucie is not only responsible for making sure you are receiving the necessary dental care you need. They will also educate you about certain foods that are bad for your teeth, gums, and your overall oral health.

Foods to Be Wary Of:

It may come out as surprising to some as to how some of the food items listed here are bad for teeth and gums, as some of them are healthy. Here’s why:

Lemons / Hot Lemon Water

Lemons have vitamin C, but they are so acidic. People have a habit of sucking on lemons and keeping them in their mouths for long periods. This can lead to enamel erosion and messes off the mouth’s pH balance.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are tasty and give fiber boost, but they are a disaster for your teeth. It is not only about the concentrated sugars, but they are also very sticky and sit into the grooves of your molars, causing cavities.

Canned Fruit

If you think canned fruit sounds healthy, think again. While fruit is considered healthy, fruit in a can is often surprisingly unhealthy. It is packed in sugar and syrup, so this is pretty much closer to be a candy.

Granola Bars

Granola bars may be full of minerals and fiber, but they’re not as healthy as you think. They have the right amount of sugar, which is bad news for your teeth.

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