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Henry Headshot After


The All Smiles team is always quick to show pictures of their before and after dental work. Henry Mazigy is a patient of ours who travels from Mount Dora, Florida all the way to All Smiles Dentistry. Dr. Rankin replaced all of Henry’s upper and lower teeth in one day. Henry agreed to let us show his before and after dental work photos. The pictures above reflect a head shot and close up of Henry before Dr. Rankin worked on him. The after pictures you see (below) are resin composite temporaries fabricated in the office same day. The final restorations will be all porcelain delivered in about 2 weeks. Henry said we changed his life today!!! Happy patient!!! Happy dentist!!! All Smiles Family Dentistry is truly making new smiles everyday! Do you have work that needs to be done? Would you like to be the smiling like Henry before after dental work? Come see us at one of All Smiles Family Dentistry’s convenient Port St. Lucie or Fort Pierce, FL dental office locations.


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