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Dental veneers are designed to correct various cosmetic problems. Scheduling a consultation visit with your dentist at All Smiles Family Dentistry will give you professional advice on what should be the best dental solution for your problem. However, to provide you with essential pieces of information to determine whether you are the right candidate for dental veneers Port St Lucie, just read on.

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Are You a Good Dental Veneers Candidate?

Equip Yourself with Knowledge

To truly understand that this dental solution neither hurts nor ruin your real teeth, you must first know how they work. Whether you’re opting for a single or entire teeth veneer dental option, your dentist will design and fabricate your customized veneers Port St Lucie. It is then fitted to your real teeth with a material that hardens in a few seconds. After your veneers are fitted to your natural teeth, your dentist will shape and polish it until it will look like your real teeth. 

Veneers Last a Long Time

Although veneers do not literally last a lifetime, it can still last a long time for about 15-20 years. Also, it usually is difficult to crack or chip your veneers because it’s made of sturdy and durable materials to withstand hard foods. As time goes by, you will have to get a new set for a regular dental hygiene routine. Likewise, veneers are made of thin, porcelain shells that are fixed to your front teeth. It can be shaped and sized in various ways to match your natural teeth and minimize imperfections.

who offers veneers port st lucie?

Veneers Port St Lucie Address Stained and Imperfect Teeth

Explicitly speaking, the perfect candidate for dental veneers is someone who has severely stained teeth or those who have minor cosmetic imperfections. Now that you are well-informed on whether you are a good candidate for veneers, schedule an appointment today!

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