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As you age, you will notice that your mouth changes, but your dentures don’t. Good dental care and regular visits to the dentist are essential factors for keeping your mouth free from decay and cavities. Additionally, it will maintain your affordable dentures Port St Lucie in good shape.

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Problems from Poor Fitting Dentures

When to Replace Dentures

While you age, the gum ridges in your mouth will soon shrink, triggering affordable dentures to become loose. Aside from gum ridges, there is also a possibility that your bone will shrink, causing your jaws to move in a different position. Ill-fitting or loose dentures can result in stomach problems, as well as sore spots, from not being able to properly chew your food. Additionally, ill-fitting dentures may be the reason why your facial features change as years passed by. 

If you tend to hide your dentures in your bag or drawer because it doesn’t feel right, you need to see your dentist so he or she can determine, evaluate, and adjust your dentures. It is also essential to adhere to your regular dental visits to guarantee that your dentures are fitting properly with your teeth. Likewise, regular visits will allow your dentist to examine possible signs of oral cancer. 

Never Replace Dentures by Yourself

When your dentist adjusts or repairs dentures, he or she uses dental tools and equipment that are designed specifically for affordable dentures. Over-the-counter products are usually available but you need to bear in mind that it can harm your teeth and dentures if you’re not equipped to use it.

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Caring for your Affordable Dentures Port St Lucie

It is an undeniable fact that proper dental care can maintain your teeth and dentures in good condition. To know more about how to care for your dentures, contact All Smiles Family Dentistry!