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The stigma that once experienced by a lot of dental patients because of braces and other orthodontic treatments or solutions has been eradicated by state-of-the-art aesthetic dental solutions. There are numerous orthodontic appliances available today; the only difficult question now is what option perfectly fits your situation. In this article, Invisalign Tequesta will be discussed along with how it differs from traditional braces.

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How Invisalign Aligners Differ from Traditional Braces

How They Work

Invisalign is an advanced dental solution that serves as a perfect alternative to traditional braces. However, it depends on your dental issue and the structure of your mouth. Invisalign Tequesta can be used to treat simple bite irregularities, mild relapse, crossbite, overbite, widely spaced teeth, and overly crowded teeth. On the other hand, traditional braces are performed to treat misaligned teeth affected by crookedness, irregular spacing, protrusions, or crowding. Over a scheduled time, traditional braces modify the alignment of your teeth to promote a more attractive and healthier smile. 

Are You a Good Candidate?

Candidates for Invisalign Tequesta are usually fewer than those who opt for traditional braces. The reason for this is because the former is narrower when it comes to addressing serious orthodontic cases. At this time, Invisalign is appropriate for use in teenagers and adults. The treatment will need strict compliance with the plan. In contrast, traditional braces are usually people who need teeth realignment. Also, it is an approved treatment for use in children. However, the only means to unequivocally know if you’re a candidate for Invisalign or traditional braces is to visit an orthodontist or general dentist so you can undergo a dental health consultation.

who offers Invisalign tequesta?

Where to Get Invisalign Tequesta

Aside from how traditional braces and Invisalign work and whether you’re a good candidate or not, there are still other factors that will help you determine the right dental treatment. Hence, schedule an appointment today so you will know whether you will get an Invisalign or traditional braces.

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