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Tooth extraction Port St Lucie is a serious dental procedure, especially when it involves an impacted tooth. Once the tooth is extracted, post-operative care is essential. Complications of swelling or infection and other unnecessary pain can be minimized if aftercare is followed carefully. Also, you should expect post-extraction bleeding if the removal of your tooth is very serious and complicated.

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A Guide to Post-Extraction Bleeding

What Is It?

Post-extraction bleeding is a common dental concern after extraction or removal of a tooth. The bleeding you experience after a few hours from tooth removal is commonly due to the wearing off of the local anesthesia. Moreover, before tooth extraction may be done, your dentist will first ask if you have hematologic disorders, hypertension, or liver disease so he or she will know as to what type of anesthesia you should take to prevent prolonged bleeding after the extraction.

What Are the Causes?

Persistent post-extraction bleeding may be due to smoking, gargling, spitting, and using a straw. Bleeding may also be caused by the patient’s current medications, history of bleeding, and other medical histories. Medications that lead to prolonged bleeding include antineoplastic, broad-spectrum antibiotics, anticoagulants, and some aspirin products.

How to Prevent Bleeding

The easiest way to prevent bleeding after the anesthesia wears off is to apply direct pressure by biting down moist cotton or gauze. If there is still bleeding after applying direct pressure, replace the cotton or gauze as needed. If it still persists, use an ice pack on the side of your face where the affected tooth is located, sit in an upright position, and avoid doing any physical activity.

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Want to Know More About Tooth Extraction Port St Lucie?

If you want to learn more about tooth extraction, as well as, post-extraction bleeding, call All Smiles Dentistry or schedule an appointment today.

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