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Teeth whitening is becoming a very common practice especially for those who are seeking to improve the appearance of their teeth and smile. Pearly white teeth boost confidence while stained teeth do the opposite. There are over-the-counter teeth whitening kits, strips, or gel that you can buy. The question is, how effective are they? Are there any risks? Considering teeth whitening Fort Pierce? Before you do, let’s discuss any possible risks especially those who are using in-home bleaching kits.

Why Teeth Turn Yellow

The inner part of the tooth called dentin appears darker over time. As the enamel becomes thinner due to excessive grinding, wear, or exposure to acidic foods and drinks, the discolored dentin reflects through the enamel making the tooth look yellow. Besides aging, here are some reasons why teeth become discolored:

  • Silver Fillings
  • Taking a powerful antibiotic such as tetracycline before the age of 10
  • Hitting a tooth
  • Due to a rare dental condition called “amelogenesis imperfecta” which make the teeth brown or yellow

The Risks of Tooth Whitening

Just like any dental procedures, teeth whitening also has its risks. Whitening products can cause temporary tooth sensitivity. If the sensitivity is too severe, you can take ibuprofen to relieve sensitivity. If whitening solution gets on the gums, it can lead to soft tissue irritation and ingestion of whitening gel in take-home whitening kits can cause nausea and vomiting.

where are teeth whitening fort pierce?

What Whitening Method Is Right for You

There are many ways to whiten teeth. It could be done at home through over-the-counter kits or at the dentist’s office. If you’re looking for an effective and safe teeth whitening Fort Pierce method, contact All Smiles Family Dentistry today. It is always safe to have this procedure performed by a professional for optimal result.

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