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If you’re a busy individual, you never fail to ask the time you will be spending in a certain meeting or appointment. When it comes to root canal Port St Lucie treatments, the time you will spend depends on how the tooth is infected, the difficulty of the tooth, and its type. For instance, an anterior tooth will take about an hour while a premolar tooth will take an hour and a half.

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How Long Will the Treatment Last?

Timeframe of Root Canal Treatment

If you rush your dentist, he or she can finish the treatment for only 20-30 minutes. Your dentist can numb, clean, and fill your tooth in less than an hour. However, your dentist may have to cut corners just to heed to your request. It is never beneficial to pressure your dentist since it will only do more harm than good.

How Much Time Should I Set Aside?

In order to get the best results out of your root canal treatment, you will have to allot 1-2 hours of your time. One of the most essential procedures that dentists need sufficient time for is the application and effectivity of anesthesia. There are some patients who tend to have higher tolerance against anesthesia, making it longer to take effect. Because of this, a longer time is needed so you can have a pain-free and comfortable treatment.

Tips to Reduce the Length of Time Spent

There are certain ways to reduce the time spent on the root canal treatment. Bear in mind that not every root canal can be treated in a single visit. There are instances when treatment may need an antibiotic paste which will require a different visit since it has to be removed before the root canal treatment can begin.

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In Search of the Best Dentist for Root Canal Port St Lucie?

Another way to speed up the root canal process is to get the services of an experienced and efficient dentist. Contact All Smiles Family Dentistry today!

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