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When you feel like there’s a need to replace a lost tooth, there are a lot of considerable options. If you decide to fix those teeth with the benefit and advantages of a dental implant, you even have wider options. Broadly, there are two types of dental implants: the traditional and mini implants Tequesta. Both of which are the perfect alternative for a natural tooth.

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Traditional Implants vs Mini Implants

What are the Similarities?

Both traditional implants and mini implants achieve a high success rate and an effective and safe alternative for your natural tooth. When it comes to how it functions, both function the same way. Traditional and mini implants are composed of titanium. These implants are inserted into your jawbone wherein it acts as the bone itself. Likewise, it is implanted to hold the replacement tooth in places such as your denture, bridge, or crown. One of the reasons why people choose to have dental implants is to prevent possible dental bone loss. Hence, another notable similarity is that both traditional and mini implants help in the deterrence of bone loss.

What are the Differences?

The primary differences as to both these implants lie in their overall function, shape, and size. Mini implants are commonly used on individuals with faster healing time and those who suffer from bone atrophy while traditional implants have a broader scope. As for the shape, traditional implants comprise two pieces commonly known as the abutment and post. On the other hand, mini implants feature a solid single-piece screw. Lastly, the size of mini implants does not exceed three mm in diameter while traditional implants have at most a five mm diameter.

who offers the best mini implants tequesta?

Interested in Getting Your First Mini Implants Tequesta?

If you don’t know whether a traditional or mini implant is the right option for you, request an appointment today so our experienced dentists can determine the ideal implant treatment for you.

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