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Is your smile making you feel a little self-conscious? Want to achieve a set straight of teeth but the thought of metal braces doesn’t sound appealing to you? If your answer is YES to all of these questions, getting Invisalign Port St Lucie gives you the benefits of having straight teeth .

Your Records Appointment

After discussing with your orthodontist if Invisalign is right for you, your orthodontist will take pictures and impressions of your teeth. This way, it would be a lot easier, later on, to compare the progress of your treatment through before and after comparisons. This will also help your orthodontist to point out certain areas that will be focused on during the treatment.

Aligner Manufacturing

Your information like photos and scanned images will be sent to the Invisalign lab. The lab will then send back a mock-up of each stage of treatment from start to finish to your orthodontist. After the approval of the mock-up, the lab then starts to manufacture your aligners and ships them once they’re done. This process takes approximately 3 weeks to complete.

Your Delivery Appointment

Once your aligners are ready, you’ll then have another appointment to test out your new set of aligners. Attachments are added to your teeth to help the trays hold on tighter to your teeth and create little pushes or holds for any certain movements. Attachments are nearly invisible, painless, and temporary as they will be removed after the treatment.

Looking for Invisalign Port St Lucie?

Straight teeth and a healthy mouth have a positive contribution to your overall health. If you think Invisalign Port St Lucie suits you, set up a consultation with All Smiles Family Dentistry today. Our licensed orthodontist who is trained in the Invisalign treatment process will be glad to assist you.