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Fort Pierce Dentist Office Makeover is Complete! Want to take a look inside?

All Smiles Indrio Dental Care Office


Our Fort Pierce Dentist Office Makeover is complete!  The All Smiles Family Dentistry office on 4832 N. Kings Highway in Fort Pierce, Florida has experienced some major changes to the overall look and feel.  The picture above reflects what the waiting slash lounge area looks like after the Fort Pierce Dentist (All Smiles) Office Makeover.  Let’s take a look at the process of this transformation.  The following gallery reflects the entire process (before and during) the office makeover.

Before and During Makeover

As you can see, everything has been redone here. This makeover was more than just a repaint and re-decorate situation.  It was taken right down to the walls and built from the ground up.  Our regular customers are going to be shocked the first time they come in.  So let’s take a little gander into what this place has become…

After All Smiles Makeover

Pretty amazing transformation right?  Looking and feeling good is important to All Smiles Family Dentistry.  We can rebuild a smile and and office! LOL! We know how important it is to feel clean and comfortable when you go into a dental office.  Did we mention that we are a totally modern and up to date facility with our dental gear as well?  Come visit us at our newly remodeled Fort Pierce Dentist office today!

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