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Dr. Maloch Retires

Bud Maloch Retirement Gift (Bud) officially retired on Friday, May 31st, 2013.  We honored Dr. Maloch with a retirement party right outside of our 1202 Port Saint Lucie Blvd All Smiles Family Dentistry office. The staff gave Dr. Maloch a framed picture that simply says, Always captain of our ship.  The picture below shows the picture from the frame a little more close up.  (Great photo of Bud!)

Always Captain of our Ship


Bud Maloch is well known in the Port Saint Lucie dental scene.  Odds are, if you are in Port Saint Lucie that you went to Dr. Maloch for your dental work. Bud was a graduate of Louisiana State University.  After graduating in 1984, he opened the Family Dentistry dental practice in Port St. Lucie, Florida the same year.  It became All Smiles Family Dentistry in June of 2007.  Bud learned the tricks of the dental trade during his time in the Navy.  We truly wish Dr. Maloch the best no matter what ship he sails.  Enjoy the rest of the pictures from Bud’s retirement party.

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