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Dentures are a great solution if you have unfortunately lost your teeth. Quality dentures will look natural, and give you the confidence you deserve, by achieving a beautiful smile. However, many individuals don’t realize that dentures require proper care and attention to keep them looking new and avoid damage. Below are a few tips for keeping your dentures in perfect condition. If you are in need of dentures in Tequesta, contact our office today!

You Should Clean Your Dentures At least Twice a Day

You should clean your dentures just as often as you clean natural teeth. If you consistently clean your dentures twice a day, you can avoid a lot of serious oral health issues. Therefore, you will be less at risk to develop oral infections and inflamed gums. Also, you will be reducing your chance of losing more teeth.

There’s a Right Way to Clean Your Dentures

It’s crucial to clean your dentures properly Carefully clean dentures with denture cleaning paste. Then, soak your dentures in a dissolvable denture cleaner. Also, it’s recommended that you brush your dentures again after they soak. When brushing, be gentle, but thorough enough to remove any remaining bacteria.

Certain Products Can Damage Your Dentures

Its typically recommended to not use any bleaching products on your dentures. Ultimately, this will weaken your dentures, and put them at a high risk for damage. Your dentist can always recommend proper cleaners for your dentures if you are unsure.

Dentures in Tequesta

Have you lost your natural teeth? And are in need of dentures in Tequesta? All Smiles Dentistry can help! If you want to learn more about Dentures, contact us to schedule an appointment!

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