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Enamel – this is a substance that protects your teeth against physical and chemical damage and this is what your teeth’s outer layer consists of. Tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body and is even tougher than your bone. Your tooth enamel can be prone to wear and tear as they’re frequently exposed to chemicals from food, beverages, and bodily fluids. This is referred to as enamel erosion. Enamel erosion can cause sensitivity and tooth stains. Remember that teeth enamel cannot be regrown but enamel erosion can be prevented from getting worse by taking care of your teeth and with the help of your dentist in Port St Lucie.

What are the Symptoms of Enamel Erosion?

Symptoms of tooth enamel erosion can vary but they often include:

• Indentations, known as cups, on the surface of your teeth
• Discoloration / staining
• Cracks and chips
• Increased sensitivity to temperature, textures, and taste

If you are experiencing heightened sensitivity to hot, cold, spicy, acidic food and drink and discoloration of your teeth, you may have a significant enamel erosion that needs to be checked by your dentist to relieve the symptoms.

Causes of Enamel Erosion

Acids found in your foods and drinks you consume are the main causes of enamel erosion. Saliva helps by neutralizing acid level in your mouth to protect your teeth, but if you consume too much acidic food and drinks and don’t keep your oral hygiene in check, the outer layer of your tooth enamel will degrade over time. Foods that can cause enamel erosion to include:

• Apples, citrus fruits, berries, and rhubarb
• White bread
• Ice cream, syrups, and caramel
• Sodas, fruit drinks and juices
• Excess vitamin C, found in citrus fruits

Complications Associated with Enamel Erosion

Enamel erosion can lead to complications like increased tooth decay, the gradual wearing of enamel (which leads to clear, slightly translucent teeth), yellow-stained teeth, rough edges on your teeth, shiny spots on your teeth, and fractured teeth.

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