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An important part of oral health, in addition to brushing and flossing, is getting dental checkups by your dentist in Port St Lucie every six months. Why are these checkups so essential? Keep reading to find out!

3 Reasons to Visit a Dentist in Port St Lucie  

1. Clean Teeth

Daily maintenance is often not enough to keep your teeth sparkling clean. During dental checkups, the hygienist uses dental instruments to scrape off the tartar from your teeth. Any remaining plaque or stains are then removed to leave your teeth beautifully polished.

2. Learn About Oral Hygiene

Another reason why you need dental checkups is because it’s a great opportunity to optimize your oral hygiene routine. After the cleaning, your hygienist or dentist discuss the best dental practices and show your how to brush and floss more effectively. Learning about oral hygiene helps you keep your teeth, gums, and smile in tip top shape.

3. Early Detection of Dental Problems

Your teeth, gums, and mouth all get examined during dental checkups to look for signs of any problems. Some specific dental problems your dentist looks out for includes tooth decay, gum disease, and early signs of oral cancer. Early diagnosis of these problems can help save your smile and possibly even your life.

When was the last time you’ve visited the dentist? If it’s been more than six months, it’s time to schedule an appointment! Get treated by the best dentist in Port St Lucie by contacting All Smiles Dentistry today!    

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