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Do you feel like daily life is interrupted by bad breath? This bad breath is a medical condition known as halitosis. The condition comes from an accumulation of poor dental hygiene or a sign of other health problems. Let’s keep reading for more information about your local dentist in Port Saint Lucie!

What It Is

In the first place, halitosis is chronic bad breath that can’t be cured by breath mints or mouthwash. It has a strong lingering smell that does not go away after a long period of time.


Moreover, halitosis can be caused by a variety of everyday factors including:
• Food and beverages
• Dry mouth
• Poor dental hygiene
• Health issues

In addition, food can affect the quality of your breath because food absorbed in the bloodstream can move up to the lungs. Therefore, the air that you exhale will be affected as a result. You should be wary of the limited intake of onions, garlic, cheese, and alcohol are the most common causes.


Furthermore, the best way to prevent halitosis is to visit your dentist with regularly scheduled checkups! We will conduct a thorough dental examination of your mouth and you will undergo a tooth cleaning procedure.

Then, your hygienist will give you dental tips in order to promote your oral health.

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All in all, we know that having great oral health is important to you. Your breath should be fresh and free of any terrible odors. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!