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Just like any service provider, dental office Port St Lucie offers a lot of services. It must provide its patients with wide options to choose from. However, before we tackle matters on dental services, you must first equip yourself with the things to look for when choosing a new dental office.

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General Dentistry Services

What Services Do Dentists Provide?

Among the many services that a dentist can provide, the most common are the services on prevention and hygiene, cosmetic and restorative, and whitening. Other services offered by a dental office Port St Lucie include dentures, root canal, Invisalign, oral surgery, and periodontal therapy. Most general dentistry services in Port St Lucie offer nutritional counseling, dental cleanings, x-rays, and complete exams. Likewise, there are also some that use nitrous oxide sedation to perform relaxation techniques.

Common Dental Procedures

The most common procedures done by a general dentist are teeth whitening, porcelain crowns and bridges, sealants, gum surgery, dentures, braces, veneers, root canals, bonding, and other tooth repairs. A root canal is performed when you have an infected tooth. Your dentist will have to remove it to avoid chip or crack a tooth, faulty crowns, and deep decay. If not removed, your tooth will, later on, develop pus which will surely result in an abscess. Furthermore, dental sealants are used to avoid tooth decay. It is done by applying sealants to the chewing surface of your tooth. A lot of people avail of this service so as to prevent any dental crowns, filling, and other dental repairs. As for veneers, these are coverings attached over the front of your teeth to fix that severely discolored, poorly shaped or crooked tooth.  Likewise, it is also used to brighten your teeth by removing the gray cast.

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