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If you are keen on distinguishing dental terms, you will know that dental office Port St Lucie and dental clinic are different. However, if you do not know the difference, it’s alright! A lot of patients assume that both terms are the same since these are used interchangeably.

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How Are They Different

Dental Office

A dental office is a commercial establishment owned and operated by a dental professional. The place is composed of numerous components and it can provide services like financial and clerical dental concerns, as well as, dental treatments and other services. It is usually composed of different departments with multiple employees, including various dentists with different specializations.

Dental Clinic

In contrast to a dental office, dental clinics are establishments where a dentist actually performs dental treatments and procedures on patients. It can be found in government offices, schools, hospitals, and other health-related establishments. Dental clinics are oftentimes composed of single-room housing where you can find all dental tools and types of equipment. Frequently, although not always, free or low-cost treatments are performed in dental clinics.

Components of a Dental Office

As stated earlier, a dental office is composed of different departments such as a storage area, dental clinic, computers and patient records, and reception area. Huge dental offices with several practitioners may have various employees who work on storage and filing to organize all the dental records that enter the office. There may also be a section or department that handles payment systems and insurance claims. Additionally, a dental office may merge the reception area and patient records area. However, if it is a big company, the two areas are normally separated.

who offers the best dental office port st lucie?

Services in Dental Office Port St Lucie

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