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Tooth loss for adults can affect their oral health, self-esteem, and smile. For individuals who often encounter tooth loss, dental implants are the prevalent tooth alternative treatment solution. It may come in 2 different sizes – mini implants Tequesta and the traditional full-sized implants. Likewise, dentists at All Smiles Family Dentistry can guide you on how to fully understand the difference between the 2 sizes.

who offers mini implants tequesta?

How Do Mini Implants And Dental Implants Differ?

Understanding What They Are

Just like traditional dental implants, mini implants are made of high-grade titanium posts that are surgically embedded into your jawbone to act as an artificial tooth. The difference is the size. Mini Implants, as the name entails, are made of small posts while the traditional dental implants are in full size. Additionally, while mini implants can serve as perfect replacements for one or more lost teeth, they are specifically designed to give support to your dentures. In several cases, dentists usually attach dentures to the mini implants during the implant placement process. Moreso, mini implants do not need a huge coverage of jawbone density to support the implant. Thus, individuals with weak jawbone density like those who have osteoporosis, are perfect candidates for mini implants.

How to Determine Which is Right for You

As stated above, the key difference between the two is their size. Mini implants are approximately half the size of traditional dental implants which are approximately 5 mm in diameter. Mini implants are right for those who have an insufficient bone density or have problems with their jaw but needs immediate solution for their missing teeth. However, if you have enough bone density and there are no further problems as to your gums and jawbone, traditional dental implants are recommended.

who offers mini implants tequesta?

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Both mini implants and traditional dental implants are built to rejuvenate your smile and restore oral functionality. Contact us today to know what the best dental solution is for you!

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