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The dental crown procedure is one of the most misunderstood dental restorations. This is because of the toxicity that concerns many. Dental crown Port St Lucie are made from ceramic, ceramic-fused to metal, and purely metal. Just like any other type of restorative procedures, there are always the possibilities of complications and risks but, your dentist will determine the best type that should work for you. It would be better as well to discuss with your dentist your concerns before receiving dental crowns.

Why Choose Dental Crowns

Professionals will not recommend any sort of restorative procedure if it won’t benefit the person on the receiving end. Dental crowns are used to strengthen a tooth that has had a very large filling, repair a tooth that has a very large cavity, to protect the tooth that had a root canal, and many other benefits. This procedure will save your tooth from further damage by acting as a “cap” and as a permanent covering for your tooth.

Disadvantages and Potential Risks of Dental Crowns

If a dental crown is done correctly, it provides a more secure restoration than a direct filling but, there are also risks and possible complications you should be aware of. They include:

• Cost
• Potential for recurrent decay
• Gum recession from crown margin
• Change in color of natural teeth that will eventually not match the color of the crown
• Fracture of porcelain
• The potential need for a root canal treatment/sensitivity
• Allergic reaction to the crown
• Nerve or blood vessel injury

Want More Information About a Dental Crown Port St Lucie?

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