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Cosmetic dental treatment and procedures often go hand in hand with returning appropriate health and proper function to unhealthy teeth, gums, mouth, and an uneven bite. Varied results for different cosmetic dental procedures are largely dependent on the skill of the cosmetic dentist, the appropriate selection of treatment, the precision of treatment, and long term follow-up on the patient with good and regular home care programs. Any invasive or surgical procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should discuss possible complications and risks with your cosmetic dentist Port St Lucie to prevent possible infection or issues.

Complications That May Arise Following a Cosmetic Dental Treatment

For dental procedures that involve prolonged periods of dental anesthetics, you may experience general complications such as discomfort, swelling, and tiredness and this is normal. You may also experience increased sensitivity, especially after teeth whitening treatment. Other complications such as changes in speech pronunciation which usually settle during the first 48 hours. This could happen for new denture wearers and will take a little bit of time before they begin to feel more natural. Bleeding, infection and nerve damage can sometimes occur as well. You have to let your dentist know of any problems or concerns you may encounter after a cosmetic dental procedure.

Following After Care or Post-Op Instructions

The healing period and recovery after a dental procedure can be greatly influenced by following your dentist’s recommendations and best practices. You are responsible for the long term success of your cosmetic dental treatment. Your cosmetic dentist will discuss with you the do’s and don’ts especially temporary changes on your diet. Make sure to follow all instructions for home care and go for regular checkups and dental cleanings. If you notice any problems after a procedure, you must let your dentist know immediately.

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