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A lot of potential clients ask whether clear braces Port St Lucie can treat a malocclusion. The answer to this question is a resounding “Yes!”. However, in spite of the development and advanced tools and technologies, there are still few indications that clear braces will not be a successful treatment. Thus, it is essential to exercise caution when you have your clear braces on.

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Reason Why Clear Braces Fail to Serve its Purpose

Skeletal Malocclusion

In severe cases where crowded and misaligned teeth are coupled with skeletal tension of the face, the link between the lower and upper jaw is not balanced. Clear braces Port St Lucie works best only for malocclusion which are not skeletally-based since skeletal malocclusion may lead to speech problems and chewing difficulties which can only be treated through dental surgery.

Severe Spacing

Clear braces Port St Lucie are popularly known to be the go-to tool in fixing and restoring teeth spacing. However, if you have severe spacing, it is highly recommended that you choose other treatments like dental implants, bridges, and other restorative work.

Neglect of Proper Dental Care

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, the most common reason why clear braces fail to serve its purpose is because of the patient’s neglect to follow through specific guidelines for proper dental care. After every dental treatment, specific care and guidelines should be observed so as not to compromise the treatment.

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Fix Crooked Teeth with Clear Braces Port St Lucie

With all that in mind, clear braces have been established to treat a lot of crooked teeth cases. However, before anything else, it is essential that you allow your dentist to first diagnose your condition. If you would like to guarantee the fitness and correctness of clear braces to your condition, schedule an appointment today with All Smiles Family Dentistry.