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As the number of adult patients began to pursue dental care is on the rise, the benefits of clear braces become evident as they are now able to improve the appearance and function of their smile and mouth without having to deal with metal wires and brackets or the overall stigma of metal mouth. Invisalign and ceramic braces are the two most popular choices for orthodontic appliance among adults.

Who Can Wear Clear Braces Port St Lucie?

Orthodontists recommend having your crooked teeth straightened when the teeth and jaw are still developing. Teeth straightening with braces is often most effective during teenage years. This doesn’t mean that adults can no longer benefit from wearing braces later in life. Whether you are an adult or child, clear braces can be for you depending on how severe your case is. The truth is, many adults chose to have orthodontic treatments with great results.

Differences Between Metal Braces and Clear Braces

Just like the conventional metal braces, clear ceramic braces work just as much as metal braces as they are attached to each tooth and then connected with a wire. This treatment is effective in dealing with all kinds of tooth misalignment. Clear brace brackets are made from either a plastic polycarbonate or a clear ceramic material. Metal braces and clear ceramic braces work the same as they use metal wires to connect the braces or a patient can choose between a metal or white/tooth-colored archwire to make the braces look less noticeable. Clear braces are generally more expensive than the traditional metal braces because of the materials used and they reduce the discomfort of having the wearer to look obvious while wearing braces.

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Interested in Clear Braces?

If you are considering getting clear braces for you or your child, schedule an appointment with us at All Smiles Family Dentistry for more information.

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