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Do your gums bleed easily when you brush or floss your teeth? You might think that this is normal. It might be because of using the wrong flossing or brushing technique or it could be a sign of a health condition you need to pay attention to. Factors such as pregnancy, brushing too vigorously, inflammation, and injury can contribute to bleeding gums. Bleeding gums is also an early sign of gingivitis. Identifying the cause of your bleeding gums with the help of the best dentist Tequesta from All Smiles Family Dentistry is the key to determining the most appropriate approach to treatment.

Common Causes of Bleeding Gums

• You have gingivitis, a disease that causes inflammation of the gums
• Brushing too hard or your toothbrush isn’t soft enough
• Certain medications like blood thinners
• Pregnancy gingivitis or the inflammation of the gums because you’re pregnant
• Ill-fitting dentures

What You Can Do If Your Gums Are Bleeding

A small amount of blood when you brush or floss may not seem like a big deal, but if your gums are bleeding consistently, you shouldn’t ignore it. The biggest cause of bleeding gums is plaque buildup along the gumline. Dental plaque when not removed promptly will harden into tartar. Tartar is a calcified material that plaque adheres to and continues to irritate the gums. This cause the gums to bleed and can progress into a more advanced form of gum disease such as periodontitis. The best way to reduce gum inflammation and plaque buildup is for you to step up your oral care routine.

Suffering from Bleeding Gums? Contact the Best Dentist Tequesta!

Bleeding gums can be more than just irritation from brushing. If your gums are consistently bleeding, you need to see our best dentist Tequesta at All Smiles Family Dentistry today. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a consultation.