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It’s no surprise that sugary foods and drinks contribute to poor oral health and tooth decay. Avoiding sugar and eating healthy is a crucial part of having healthy teeth. When you have a poor diet, your teeth are one of the first areas of your body that is affected. Below are three healthy foods that will help not only your oral health but your health in general. For more ways to improve your oral health, visit the Best dentist in Port St Lucie today!


You now have another reason to love cheese! Studies show, that eating cheese raises the pH in the individual’s mouth, which lowers their risk of tooth decay . Also, cheese contains calcium and protein, which will ultimately strengthen your tooth enamel.


Not unlike cheese, yogurt is a dairy product that is high in protein and calcium, which will help strengthen your teeth Another benefit of yogurt is the probiotics. This good bacteria is great for the health of your gums because it fights bad bacteria that causes cavities! When adding more yogurt to your diet, opt for a variety with no sugar added.

Leafy Greens

Greens are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your health. Also, greens like spinach or kale will benefit your oral health as well. The calcium found in greens will ultimately help build your tooth enamel Folic acid is another benefit of greens. Folic acid has been found to help fight gum disease in pregnant woman.

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