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Receding gums is one reason why patients need to undergo gum grafting surgery. It may happen due to several reasons including age, over-zealous dental hygiene, poor dental hygiene, and genetics. Unlike dental concerns caused by accidents that require treatment, receding gums can simply be avoided. Below are the tips recommended by the best dentist 34951 to help you quickly recover from the surgery.

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Tips to Transform Your Gum and Teeth

Regular Visits are Important

It’s probable that the dentist will recommend you undergo surgery. At this point in time, you need to prepare yourself since the recovery time will take longer and the post-surgery will definitely be uncomfortable.

Avoid Hot and Cold Foods and Beverages

After your surgery, you will be required to avoid drinking and eating hot and cold food and beverages. It will only aggravate the surgical site of your wound. Once this happens, it will result in swelling and a lot of discomfort. As recommended by the dentist, try foods and beverages that are neutral in temperature or at least wait for a couple of minutes for it to cool down.

Pain Medications

If you experience some mild discomfort and pain, you can use a cold compress to manage it. However, in case it’s no longer manageable, you can get extra help from your dentist. He or she will prescribe or give you pain medications to control the pain and discomfort.

Maintain Good Dental Hygiene Routine as Advised by Your Best Dentist 34951

After your gum surgery, you will still need to brush your teeth. However, see to it that you don’t hit your surgical site. Likewise, you need not floss for a couple of weeks. Allow your gums to fully heal before going back to your usual dental routine. If you want more advice on how to recover fast from dental surgery, contact All Smiles Family Dentistry today!